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We offer you our experience, our time and our technical knowledge to support you in your search for the ideal property in peace.

1 | You have preview access to the property portfolios of several real estate agencies and partner developers via a single agency: the key real estate.

2 | Active research is carried out, using various tools and means to increase the potential of goods on the market.

3 | In the case of a private seller, the research mandate entrusted to the key real estate allows you to ensure that the entire acquisition process is carried out in accordance with your expectations.

4 | In the case of an apartment acquisition, the co-ownership aspect is assessed, as well as its financial and technical health.

5 | We systematically carry out a counter-evaluation of the property, which confirms that the price of the item corresponds to the market price.

6 | With solid technical skills in the fields of architecture and construction, we assess any expansion or improvement work, and provide you with detailed offers in partnership with specialist contractors.

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